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CAPTCHA Bypass done right


Re-Captcha is a premier CAPTCHA solving service. With over 5 years in the CAPTCHA Bypass business.

Re-Captcha have +9,000 workers can drop +1,000 g-recaptcha-response/60 second.

Re-Captcha can recognize any currnly known captcha.

Re-Captcha have teams of technical experts and specialized decoders have worked together to created a system that is both incredibly fast and very accurate.

Re-Captcha offers an outstanding low price of $1.8 for 1000 Re-Captcha Token[ g-recaptcha-response].

Re-Captcha have a pool of workers [we don't looking for workers any more].

you can solve any CAPTCHA. All you need to do is implement our API, pass us your CAPTCHAs and we’ll return the text/Token[g-recaptcha-response]. It’s that easy!.

Our team solves your CAPTCHA with high accuracy.To start using the service:

  • Register [Contact US]
  • Implement our API
  • Send us your CAPTCHAs/Sitke[Recaptcha]
  • Get your answer as text/Token[g-recaptcha-response]

  • F.A.Q

    Why do customers need that?
    Often people meet tasks that can't be performed automatically because there's a captcha. For example send a notification to multiple uses of a group or buy few pairs of sneakers during sale or get ranks of own website by different search requests. There are lots of possible reasons.


    Lightening Response:8 Average solving time,Supporting more then 1,000 Tokens per monute.

    API:We provide an API that allows you to automate the process and integrate your software with our service.

    Captcha :We support ALL types of [Recaptcha/Text Captcha/ Audio Captcha].


    Recaptcha (1.8$/1k)-easy way [you give us sitekey we response with token- g-recaptcha-response-].

    Text Captcha (0.3/1k)-Support all kind of text captcha 5 sec average solving time.

    Audio Captcha (0.3/1k)-Support all kind of audio captcha 5 sec average solving time.

    Bulk Service -for V.I.P members- Monthly plan with good cost for bulk tokens recaptcha.



    Costs for Recaptcha: from 1.8 USD per 1000 solutions.

    You send us "sitekey" Or Image Or Audio.

    We give you "g-recaptcha-response" and you simply submit form with it.

    If you Send Image Or Audio we response with Answer as "String".

    For More Info Or Join [Contact Us].

    Text Captcha

    Costs for Text Captcha : from 0.3 USD per 1000 solutions.

    we support more then 8,000 Captcha Text.

    You send us Image.We give you Answer as "String".

    For More Info Or Join [Contact Us].

    Audio Captcha

    Costs for Audio Captcha : from 0.3 USD per 1000 solutions.

    we support All kind of Captcha Audio.

    You send us Audio as base64.We give you Answer as "String".

    For More Info Or Join [Contact Us].

    Bulk ReCaptcha

    Bulk Recaptcha is monthly Plan for users need many Recaptcha Tokens .

    support Big websites with this plan ex:xtremetop100.com and others ..

    can drop more then 1,000 token per mint...

    For More Info Or Join [Contact Us].


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